Facebook is the biggest social media network on the planet, in number of users and name recognition. EVERY business should be on Facebook period!

You have a Facebook business page, an Instagram account and perhaps others too. You ask everyone you come into contact with to hit the ‘like’ button or to ‘follow’ you. You may even be be posting regularly and putting up content that you think your customers want to see. But still nothing happens.

What are you missing? How do you get people talking to you, and talking to others about the services you offer?

Social Media Services


This is where we will have a discussion on your business’ current social media position. If you have pages already up-and-running, we will look over those and I’ll share thoughts on where I can see them going.

Or, if you have a blank canvas to work with, we can talk about designing your social media channels from the ground up, building them to most effectively reach your target market.

I will give my assessment on what I believe your business is capable of achieving through social media.


Covering two platforms of your choice, this training provides a complete guide of each social media medium. We break the course into two sessions, allowing all the training to sink in before moving onto the next platform. In short, we will teach you everything you need to run a successful social media campaign.

  • Optimization of your profile
  • Brand building
  • Types of posts and ideal frequency
  • Our recommended scheduling software
  • Using Facebook Live
  • How to run reports
  • Promoting your product or service
  • Plus MUCH more

From there we will begin to teach you how to make your sites the best they can be, full of engagement with lots of positive interaction with your customers.

More recently, we have been including the cool new Facebook Live feature in our training. This allows you to grab your customer’s attention in new and exciting ways, giving you the chance to speak and interact with them in real time. Another great range of tools we will show you allow posts to be scheduled at a time you specify.

Customer Care $695/mo

You run your page, we take care of your customers!

(Two platforms)

We will greet every fan and follower any time they post a comment or question. We’ll be there so they know they’re being listened to, helping you build that relationship.

  • Daily page reviews, handling messages, comments and questions.
  • Deleting spam
  • Handle complaints
  • Follow other targeted tweeters
  • Manage YouTube comments
  • Answering posts and removing spam as needed
  • Instagram, finding and following targeted accounts

You’ve done the first part: you’ve got people onto your page, and even have them commenting on your posts. So now you MUST reply to them!

All too often a customer has a one-way conversation with a business, meaning they ultimately get fed up and then give up. This is a business shooting itself in its metaphorical foot! In that moment, the relationship is made or broken. If done right, the trust and reputation is formed. But each interaction from a customer must be acknowledged – period.

We can take on this role for you, being the face of your business: the talking, warmly-greeting, smiling face.