If the picture doesn’t give it away, and you’re still unsure (or even interested) where I sit on the spectrum of life, I am indeed relatively young. But age is just a number, right?
Well if you go by my experience and the number of projects I’ve worked on, then, yes, age is just a number. Because someone who has the experience I do is generally old- sorry, more advanced in years.

Most, if not all, of my knowledge is self-taught, through tasks and projects I’ve worked on, picking up skills along the way. Most of these have been through my employment with John Lewis – the largest department store in the U.K (just think Macy’s). I completed an apprenticeship with them in 2016, which helped me develop my writing skills for longer pieces of copy. Through other areas along the way, such as editing the department newsletters, and creating information brochures for product knowledge, I have not only learned more about copy, but I started to enjoy writing more than the job I was actually doing.
As great as that course was, it also helped me to realize that retail is not where I want to work. Instead it was the owner of Social Pro Media, Melissa, who gave me that ‘eureka moment’. Through us both being in the right place at the right time, I was given the opportunity to start working on what I love: writing. The answer to my nagging question of ‘isn’t there something more interesting I could be doing?’ was right in front of me this whole time. Maybe it was my new glasses that helped me see it? But it’s more likely to be the help from someone I now consider family.

I love writing, and now working where I do, I love the chance to help businesses and individuals improve their copy and content just as much.
I’m very blessed to be able to say I enjoy the work I do. Hopefully reading this has given you an insight into who I am, and who your potential copywriter is. I enjoy writing, that’s the simple fact; of course the training and courses and teaching are great, but I believe in relying foremost on that talent inside. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too conceited, I was just trying to say that if we have the pleasure of working on your business, you will have a very motivated, passionate and clever copywriter on your side.

Have a great day!


We are very happy with the copywriting, it and everything on the site went above and beyond our needs! – Jason & Steve Han, Hanbros Taekwondo

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