Brochures are so versatile. They can be concise or extensive; colorful or monotone; have a focus on emotive writing or rely on images. But one thing that is a staple of all brochures, no matter how minimally it may feature, is text. Social Pro Media works with businesses, organizations and individuals to provide perfect written content. We know how best to portray whatever the feature of your brochure is.

We can help create the format of the whole booklet. This could include the flow of the content, layout of each page, number of images in relation to the amount of text you want, and placing emphasis on certain areas or features.

We would start by learning about you – as an individual or organization. We will discuss your need for a brochure, what you want to be included. We will suggest additions and/or changes to this and begin forming our plan. We will also identify your audience, so we know exactly how best to pitch the content.