From the moment that potential customer hits send, they begin to judge your business. Unfair, right? You don’t get to be there to smile and immediately answer them. Well actually you do: that’s the job of an autoresponder.

There is nothing more annoying than sending a business an email and not knowing whether it has been received or whether a human is likely to read it at some point in the not-so-distant future. That’s where an autoresponder comes in. This is an email response automatically sent back to the individual as soon as their message has been received. So that customer gets a response almost instantly, making them feel valued and acknowledged. Acknowledged by you, without you pressing a button. Sounds good, right?

You need to give your customers CPR

Well that message coming from your business still has to be written by someone. That’s where we come in. We can construct the perfect reply to whichever message you receive. This may be a general inquiry about your product offer, a question about stock availability, or something more specific. Should the variety of messages you receive grow, we can continue working with you to make sure all of these are covered.

The key to writing a good autoresponder is using a method we call ‘CPR’. No, that isn’t the need to resuscitate your customers. The idea with our copy is that it doesn’t bore the reader to sleep, remember? We believe in giving our customers Care, Patience, and Reassurance. This is a stance we maintain throughout all of our services, but perhaps slightly more when managing a client’s autoresponders.

Since the idea of this service is to help a customer via email instead of in person, the words in these responses must take on the principle of CPR themselves. In other words, the customer is reading your response; not listening to it. Because of this, the autoresponses we create are designed to speak directly with the customer through our method of providing CPR.