Melissa Toppenberg

an experienced social media manager with a proven record of enhancing business’ social media footprint. Started in July 2012, Social Pro Media is a family-run business. My husband, Chris, has played such a big role in helping to get this business to where it is today. To where we are able to support international businesses, as well as startups – where our humble beginnings can be found.

My knowledge and skills come from a combination of being self-taught, and training by A Real Change International. This synergy has allowed me to hone my knowledge in social media to know the best way for a business to capture this lucrative customer base.

I believe this to be a high-potential area that most businesses are missing out on. We at Social Pro Media are passionate about helping you and your business reach this market place.

My training made me realize that I could support other businesses in their social and digital marketing, not least their website design and content. I saw an opportunity to help businesses develop these areas as we move into a market place ever more focused on e-commerce trading.

6 month in depth social media training

Copywriting, Content, Conversion, and Influence