About Page

You’re a great company filled with great people; anyone can see that. But how can people READ that? That is slightly more tricky. The great thing is there is no real recipe – it all comes down to your business and what you like. We believe a business isn’t just an organization with headed notepaper and branded pens, but it is the people who work there who make a business what it is.

We work alongside you to really understand – not just what – but who your business is.

As we’ve said on this page, if a customer wants to find out some information, they go on the business’ website.

If they’re on their for the first time, the About page is just as important as the Home page. We like to judge. Of course we won’t admit it, and actually we can’t really help it, but that’s just what we do. The pair of eyes scanning your About page is reading, digesting and judging whether they want to carry on clicking. If they like what they read, you have a new customer; if they don’t, you don’t.

Through learning about your business, we will find the best way to teach those reading about you who you are.